Chinese herbal medicine is one of the longest practiced herbal traditions in the world, with a 2000-year-old history. We’re proud to be able to provide Chinese herbal medicine in the City of London and Salisbury.

Today in China, herbal medicine is practiced as a stand-alone system of medicine as well as alongside western medicine in state hospitals throughout the country. More recently it has become popular in the West, and has grown rapidly since the 1980’s.

Chinese herbal medicine shares its philosophical background with the other disciplines of Oriental medicine. Once a diagnosis has been made, an herbal formula is prepared to correct the specific disharmony of the individual.

Chinese herbal medicine in city of London

Chinese herbal medicine consultation

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How Chinese herbs are administered

Chinese herbsChinese herbal medicine consists of many hundreds of commonly used ingredients. These may be roots, stems, flowers, leaves and bark, together with some non-plant ingredients.

Herbs can be taken in many forms, traditionally as decoctions, in which raw herbs are boiled and the strained liquid drunk as a tea. This is often time -consuming and patients may dislike the taste.

Today, many commonly used formulas are available in pre-prepared formats.These can be pills, tablets, tinctures or concentrated liquid extracts.

Herbs may also be used externally. Washes or creams are prescribed for external problems such as skin conditions, bruising, or trauma.

90% of prescriptions in our clinics are given in concentrated powder form, or in capsules for those who find the herbs taste unpleasant.